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"Chief, Chief can you hear me?" Cortana kneeled over the Master Chief, her left hand on his shoulder. He was on the ground of a tiled room, wich was dimly lit. "What happened?" He asked while he got up. "Well..." Cortana started. She looked different. The normal lines that covered her body were much different. There were small dark blue lines that looked like a thong, and blue that covered were her nipples were supposed to be."I am inside your helmet, and we are in cryo. I'm just having" She then slowly walked over to a silk bed. Her ass was heart shaped, and the Chief couldnt help but stare at it as she walkeed.The bed was a king size, with white silk sheets. It had a round shape, and had four pillows. It was also neatly made. Cortana slowly crawled onto the bed, and lie down on her back. Her hands started to feel her breasts and her smooth legs. The Master Chief followed her, but stopped and stood at the end of the bed. "What are you doing?" Cortana then looked at the chief, with a twinkle in her eyes. "Look,.." She started, as she crawled over to the chief. "This is my little place, inside of you. I thought you might want to do what i wanted to do." She then raised herself up to face the chief, took of his helmet, and kissed him. The Master Chief, to stunned to move, let her. She slowly moved her lips onto his, and put her tounge into his mouth, and entwined thiers together. She had her hands all over him, and he did'nt move. She moaned, and broke apart slowly. She then started to suck his tounge. Another moan and she stopped and let his tounge go. "Now, lets see what you can do to me..." She crawled back onto the bed, and raised her ass into the air. She was on her hands and knees, and waited for him. With the blink of an eye, the Master Chiefs armour was gone, and he stood naked before cortanas ass. He moved up onto the bed, and put his hands upon cortanas waist. Her legs were smooth, and her ass was perfect. " that eh?" She said smoothly. He then started to move his hands about, from waist to ass, then to her breasts. He then turned her over, and slid his large cock into her wet pussy. "AH-!" Cortana cried. "Yes,Yes, YES! Ahhhhhh! Come on, Chief!" Cortana cried, and she let herself be fucked by the Master Chief. He slid his cock in and out, pumping, while she moved under him, moaning with the pure pleasure. Every time he pumped, her breast would bounce, and her hair would shake. She was sweating from the heat, but she wanted more.She threw the white silk sheets over her and the chief, to make it hotter. She began to sweat alot more, and the Chief began to grope. He was all over her. His hands went from her ass, to her breasts. The bed was shaking with the two them on top, and it was like an earthquake. But they did'nt stop. Cortana was moaning and whould scream when the Master Chief pushed hard enough."AHN-Oh oh Ah AH AAAHHHH!"She eventualy came, right before he did. After a while of lying there, Cortana kissed him. Her lips would stay on his, but her tounge was moving freely in his mouth.Cortana lay underneath the Chief, sweating. She was still kissing him, with tounge and wet lips.His hands were groping her ass, and she started to feel his cock. Cortana spoke first "We should do more of this. Much, much more" The Chief was back in his own dreams with a flash. "Yes, we should" He thought.
My first fan-fic. Tell me how it is, and please post a comment before you leave
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Cool dude u should write it with a bit more detail and post it to fan you'll be the first with a book about halo and it doesn't have to be long one page is minimum and there is no maximum or u could post it as it is either way they will except it
Godofcybertron117 Featured By Owner May 26, 2013
I agree post it to fanfiction and they will rate it for approval
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The hotness is over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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not bad
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oooooooooooooooooooh MY
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Well written, which some people will ignore due simply to the fact that it has 'adult' content. Honestly, this is damned good for a first. A bit more detail would make it better, but still, this is a good bit of writing.
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